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Henrik’s Most Requested Talks:

World Class Mindset For Success

Everywhere we go, we take one or more mindsets with us. Imagine your audience taking a World Class Mindset with them in all that they do. Productivity, motivation and communication are just a few of the areas that are directly affected by the mindset we consistently operate from.

Learning Outcomes include: 

–  Understanding The Power Of Mindset And Attitude

–  Increased Motivation, Inspiration and Empowerment

–  Raised Level of Self-Awareness

–  Improved Communication Strategies

–  Consistently Experience Positive Emotions


World Class Mindset For Success In Leadership

All effective leaders walk their talk…and this talk is very clearly communicated. With a World Class Mindset as the foundation, your audience of leaders will lead and make decisions that inspire, motivate and build loyalty.

Learning Outcomes include: 

–  Setting The Tone With Our Mindset As Leaders

–  Understanding The Power Of Perceptions

–  Increased Level of Self-Awareness

–  Gaining Trust & Respect As Leaders

–  Projecting “Walking The Talk” As Leaders


World Class Mindset For Success In Sales

The type of mindset we have will directly affect sales outcomes. In this talk, your audience will be rejuvenated with a World Class Mindset that will directly impact their sales success moving forward.

Learning Outcomes include:

–  The Mindset As A Competitive Advantage

–  Understanding The Power Of Serving vs Selling

–  Increased Self-Awareness

–  Developing Strategies For Connecting vs Communicating

–  Thinking Like A Solutionist