TENNIS“In The Zone Mindset”

Athletes who can consistently compete with an “In The Zone Mindset” greatly improve their odds of feeling resourceful, proactive and emotionally in control.
Instead of playing not to lose, these athletes have learned the importance of continually Playing to Win for best results.

Performing “In The Zone On Demand” is a learnable skill that becomes a huge difference maker in results. Using proven sports psychology principles, Henrik trains and equips athletes and coaches with success tools and strategies to optimize their performance

The Process:
Henrik has developed a process and tools for athletes to clear and quiet their minds from excessive thoughts, instructions and judging before competition. This process allows the athlete to focus on just a few key areas that will be the difference makers in the upcoming competition. In order to perform up their potential, the athletes need to have fewer thoughts and pointers to focus on – and the “right” ones.

In addition to practicing technical skills and physical fitness, consistently practicing the mental and emotional parts of the sport is essential for success. Raising the levels of emotional control and mental toughness is an ongoing Journey that requires commitment, discipline and focus. Over time, “new” standards are created and new distinctions are made as athletes and coaches become even more deliberate and proficient.

Individual Coaching
Peak Performance & In The Zone Mindset Training

In The Zone On Demand Teambuilding

Coaches’ Workshops
Coaching your team with an In The Zone Coaching Mindset

Topics addressed include
-In The Zone Mindset – Goal setting – Confidence
– Body language – Mental toughness – High Performance
– Emotional Control – Play to Win – Using strengths
– Mistake management – Rituals – Energy
– Focus – Being relaxed – In the present
– Visualization – Positive Self Talk – Beliefs
– Recovery – Setting the tone – Patience
– Seeing possibilities – Self motivation – Breathing
– Sportsmanship – Preparation – Nutrition